For Artists. By Artists.

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HUBHUBArt is a partnership of artists based in London and the Thames Valley. Our aim is to bring artists together and give them the chance to get where they want to be.

HUBHUBArt's objective is to put artists in touch with each other and with the right resources to help them grow. That may be a venue, a mentor, a teacher, a group, a college, a business coach or a promoter.

HUBHUBArt wants to help artists create, collaborate, participate, co-operate, innovate, stimulate, cultivate, activate, donate, accelerate and instigate.

HUBHUBArt facilitates this by sponsoring the Greater London Artists Network.
GLAN is a free resource. Sign-up is required but you then have full access to hundreds of creative people working in all media. You can set up a private portfolio and seek feedback, form collaborations, promote your events, find or form special interest groups, seek information and share your experience.

Members can send invitations to friends and help grow the network. Remember, the bigger it gets, the more use it becomes to everyone.

HUBHUBArt is part of HUBHUB-Online along with HUBHUBMedia and HUBHUBBiz


HUBHUB.Art is at the centre of a vibrant network of vital resources


HUBHUB.Media will build your online presence with you or for you.


HUBHUB.Biz will coach and mentor you to be a more successful artist