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If you are really serious about promoting your work as an artist then you cannot afford to ignore Social Media.

The problem is that you probably don't have the experience or the time to make it work for you.

Turning your Art into a small business means that you will require the talents of a marketing team at a time when you're unable to take on all the overheads that entails.

HUBHUBMedia can help you with everything you need to get your work online and making sure the right people see it.
From designing your website to setting up your social network profiles and running those profiles while you concentrate on creating your work, HUBHUBMedia has the skills and resources to ensure that you make the right contacts online.

We already have a sizeable number of artists who have turned their entire online presence over to us. You won't know who they are because we make sure that our customers' brands are entirely owned by them and not us. Our services are designed so that if you feel you have the confidence and time to take over managing your own networks we can just step back and let you take over seamlessly. No-one has yet though!

How do we do this? We are artists. We know how you work. We might have experience outside the art world but we know which elements of that experience will work for you.

We work with our sister group HUBHUBBiz to make sure you can build the right small business for your art career with all the marketing, promotion and sales skills readily available and at your disposal to make sure you get your career where you want it to be.


HUBHUB.Art is at the centre of a vibrant network of vital resources


HUBHUB.Media will build your online presence with you or for you.


HUBHUB.Biz will coach and mentor you to be a more successful artist